Going to Battle


People that push boundaries will face adversity, period.

In the early years you don’t want to go to war, and you generally won’t have to because you’re not important enough of a threat. If you do, it’s likely you’ll lose. When you’re young, human or company, there is a lot of “fake it till you make it”. You feel small, uncertain of the ground you stand on, and lack conviction. You bob and weave to avoid all the challenges that fly at you. You stay slippery.

Eventually you will face a great challenge that you cannot slide around. These challenges will present themselves in many shapes and sizes, and they are particular to your experience. It’s likely you will be dragged into the fight because your constant boundary pushing finally becomes a threat. When that time comes, you need to realize something very important. As time passed and you worked tirelessly to realize your vision, the concrete you poured began hardening and taking root. Suddenly the click here sticks and sand you originally stood on have become a rock-solid foundation to launch from. “It” is no longer a vision, but a real life thing and manifestation of your deepest beliefs.

This is when you are ready to go to war. You now have the confidence and conviction, and the profound desire to protect something that you’re willing to die for.

It is essential that when you go into battle you stay incredibly tight and synced with your teammates and allies. You must follow the sage wisdom of the people surrounding you, that you trust, and that are in your corner. Movements need to be carefully considered and orchestrated, and perfectly implemented…nothing impetuous or highly emotional.

This time will come for all people that push boundaries, that are creators, and that are not satisfied with the status quo. REMEMBER what you’re standing on, what you created, and what you believe in. Keep it at the front of your mind in the hardest of times to give you the confidence to prevail.

You will!