The only way to be satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and love what you do.

TIA Ventures was founded by Andy Greenfield and Wills Hapworth. They are long-time close friends and together built the Thought into Action Entrepreneurship Institute. TIA Ventures is an evolution of their passion for accelerating exceptional entrepreneurs.

Andy Greenfield

Andy’s background is as an operator and lifelong entrepreneur, largely in the marketing research and services arena. He’s founded and sold 3 companies, is founder of the Thought into Action Entrepreneurship Institute, and a member of Colgate’s Board of Trustees.

Wills Hapworth

Wills is a former Morgan Stanley investment banker, and is Co-founder and Director of Thought into Action Entrepreneurship Institute for the past seven years. He founded an online primary-education company and is a highly-active member of the NYC startup ecosystem.

Given their backgrounds, the TIA team is well suited for investing in exceptional entrepreneurs and helping their companies grow.